meet yvonne

‘The layered effect’ is a personal style blog that came about as a creative outlet to share my adoration for everything fashion, interior, and travel. The purpose of the blog is to share my style vision and travel escapades. Plus all the crazy stuff that goes on in my head.

Reminding my readers along the way, that being different is ok, and your sense of style should shine through. My take on fashion is not to over think it. Don’t take it so seriously. So many of us get lost in the shuffle. We try to follow trends and everybody starts to look the same (I know, scary.) My motto is “reuse, rewear, and relayer”. This motto holds true for your wardrobe and your home. Work the new in with the old and play around with placement, pairing, and accessorizing.

When launching my business, I started a mini-blog featuring my daily outfit accompanied by styling tips. I posted looks every day for one year, via ‘365 looks’. I enjoyed the blogging process a lot more than I had expected, spurring the launch of a stand-alone blog separate from my business. You can check out some of my older posts as I have transitioned them over to this site.

The layered effect is a platform to express my style vision and connect with readers on a more personal and interactive level. I am excited to embark on this new journey. I truly appreciate all of you who take the time to check out the blog. I welcome feedback, with open arms. xxx, y

Yvonne is a personal stylist for layered. design. She founded her company, layered. design in the Fall of 2014, where she works with clients in three different sectors; home, wardrobe, and wedding .Offering services in interior decorating, personal styling, and wedding styling. Yvonne also works in wardrobe and set styling for various publications.


“I cringe at the term ‘fashion rules’.”

“Against the ordinary.”

“Choose your happiness.”

“More action, less talk.”

“Sunglasses are a necessity.”

“Everything in threes.”

“See the world.”

“Eat. French Fries.”

“Look forward.”

“Dolphins kickass.”

“Mean people suck.”

“The word ‘headshot’ gives me agita.”

“Try new things.”

“Beauty in imperfection.”

“Love. Hard.”